Easy and Intuitive
Our system consists of a simple interface that allows quick and easy usage.
Along with our Desktop editions, the Cloud and Mobile Editions offer the possibility of working on any device.
Data Import
Take advantage of our flexible system to import data in order to be able to work from ERIC with a large number of external sources.
Content Management
The file and data management process has been simplified in ERIC enabling users to easily find, retrieve, and integrate player, team, or game data.
Highly customizable
ERIC adapts the tools to the needs of each particular user, such as options for the left-handed or color blind.
Automatic Video Conversion
No need to transcode the video sources in order to start working with them immediately.

ERIC Sports offers a multi-faceted product line enabling our customers to perform a variety of functions around the core product of customizable video analysis (Desktop and Cloud). Additional ERIC products enable users to manage and track player development (General Manager and Academy), search, filter and retrieve all data (DVA), create analysis offline or with a mobile device (Mobile and Bench), or integrate telemetric and biometric content from wearables (Metrics). Although they can be purchased separately, our tool suite is designed to be complimentary and, when used together, is a force multiplier for analytical efficiency.

This fully integrated tool suite increases the efficiency of time spent in analysis by reducing or eliminating the time needed for data transfer and application switching. Additionally, our customizable suite of tools are not one-size-fits-all, but are catered directly for your needs thereby enabling better and more accurate analysis.

The ERIC Sports product line is designed to support the video analyst, the coach, the general manager, the scout, the physical trainer, the sports scientist, and the academy director. Depending on their needs, we are able to offer a customized package for our customers and ensure not only that they receive the tools they needs but that each of these tools is customized specifically for them.

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ERIC Desktop is our primary software platform and one of the most powerful video analysis tools on the market. Using this tool, you can create custom tags, ingest any relevant data, analyze multiple videos, filter your results, prepare reports, and present all kinds of sports information.


ERIC Cloud is the online version of our Desktop software. From here, you can tag and filter your videos, make reports to be shared with other users, and present these reports from any internet enabled device.


ERIC Digital Video Assistant or DVA enables users to quickly filter and search across all your reports and associated clips stored in the cloud. Users are able to view, edit, illustrate, and share the reports and clips with anyone.


ERIC Mobile is our mobile enabled web platform that can also be leveraged in disconnected or low bandwidth environments. Users are able to tag actions in real-time and integrate the data later with the video, enabling a faster and more efficient level of analysis.


ERIC Academy enables users to register and manage the activity of an academy’s coaches and athletes. This includes planning of training sessions and competitions, monitoring progress and assessing skill levels from different criteria, as well as documenting the academy’s methodology with working plans and routines.


ERIC General Manager is focused on the generating and managing a database of clubs, teams, and athletes. With this tool, users can add any kind of information about these entities, perform comprehensive tracking over time and complement all aspects with video analysis.


ERIC Metrics is a data integration and visualization tool for working with biometric and player tracking data generated from wearable technology. Users are able to import the data, synchronize it with video content, filter the data, and analyze the results in conjunction with the video analysis of other ERIC tools.


ERIC Bench is a technology designed to enable users to analyze live events and share the results via a local WIFI connection. This technology, built specifically for coaching staffs, streamlines the process of generating quick-turn in-game analysis and eliminates the need to rely on public internet access.

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